PostgreSQL and typeorm - Intro to persistence

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This database course is designed to help you get into the world of persistence with typeorm and postgres when working on projects with nodejs or just typescript.

By the end of this course you'll also have a strong vocabulary for discussing persistence in any scenario so you can find answers to any database questions online or from your colleagues.

This first module is an introduction where we cover many terms and concepts that we'll use later.

Database course index

There is a github repo to go with this course. See part 2 for instructions.

You can see examples of typeorm in a real app on Use Miller on GitHub

Software programs and data

All software programs read data, process it, output the results. At the core, this is all software does.

Sometimes the source or destination for data is not persistent, it is ephemeral. An example of a destination for data that is not persistence is the UI screen of an application.

Very often the source or destination of our data is some persistence technology. Examples of persistence technology is a database table, a usb drive or an AWS S3 bucket.