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A gitignore file for Katalon projects

You need to add a gitignore file to your katalon directory or you will have lots of compiled files in your repository and it will be harder to compare changes in diffs when reviewing pull requests. Here is a suitable git ignore file for Katalon projects.


How to use session cookie authentication for Katalon API integration tests

This post describes automatically logging in to a webpage to get a session cookie and subsequently using the cookie for API authentication in Katalon. It shows how you can pass the cookie through a global variable to make authenticated API calls.


Smart Bear Ready API

I recently had a problem where our test analysts use Ready API software from Smart bear but our API authentication does a custom hashing function on the content. For tests to work we had to hash the entire request and apply headers for each test step.


Swagger UI: Custom HMAC hash authentication headers

Last year I launched a new API for an integration project. It’s using Microsoft’s WebApi framework. I was looking for a fast way to document the API so I wouldn’t have to do much work and clients could use the API easily. After some research it was obvious that I needed Swagger.

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