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What are domain names, nameservers and IPs when setting up a Squarespace site

I recently helped a colleague setup a domain on SquareSpace. They asked me to explain why the configuration was required and what it was doing.

So here is my attempt to briefly explain nameservers and DNS for anyone setting up a domain on a SquareSpace account.


Using no-code airtable and Netlify to quickly build a machine log application

A friend asked me to create a tool for logging when one of his staff enters a room to turn on and off machine jobs. It needed to be on the cloud and run on an ipad. He wanted it to be simple and have an MVP fast.

I wanted to see if I could build the tool using no-code or similar. I got it built in around 2 hours using airtable! Though I found that I needed a tiny bit of code to make it more professional by having it on its own url.

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