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Work History

Trade Me Ltd

Development Chapter Lead

2015 September to Present

Helped business by providing technical expertise in areas such as…

  • Performing technical due diligence for acquisition
  • Driving Summer of Tech intern engagement which resulted in attracting all of our top picks
  • Performing internal audits of APIs and other software to drive technical architecture strategy and improvement
  • Performing technical interviews for roles in other locations and other departments
  • Interviewing for additional technical lead and managing all 8 developers while recruiting, I manage 5 developers now that we have two leads
  • Nominated for internal technical excellence award

Actively developing reports by…

  • Peer programming and one on one teaching
  • Providing introductory courses for new hires and interns
  • Running a hackathon type event called Wrench Day for the motors organisation
  • Driving reports to spread their knowledge through tutorials and laboratories
  • Mentoring developers in other departments
  • Ensuring reports are using OKRs, PDPs and skills matrices to guide their work and learning
  • Encouraging and organising for reports to go to various conferences such as Codemania and Webstock

Improving our product by…

  • Driving changes to move an internal windows forms application to a web based application
  • Writing scripts to make deploy process automatic and repeatable(saving ~2 hours/deploy)
  • Adding swagger to document our API
  • Adding alpha channel for deploying internal applications to selected users for UAT
  • Bringing our SQL schema into the code repository for auditing
  • Creating code review guidelines
  • Introducing unit testing,DI and actively updated solution with examples for devs to use
  • Helping our platform team perform site moves, backups and hardware crash recovery
  • Introducing miniprofiler to help developers uncover performance issues
  • Rewriting logging to reduce logs by 20 million/day and support splunk for monitoring
  • Driving a move to salesforce for our customer management and billing

Trade Me Ltd


2014 October to 2015 September

I was a product developer on the Motors vertical, adding new product, fixing bugs. Typical .Net stack with a few different front ends – angularJS, bootstrap, Asp.Net MVC and webforms, gulp, teamcity, some VB, lots of SQL.

  • Scrum master for squad of 5
  • Shipped Video in listings for direct sellers
  • Shipped MotorWeb vehicle report integration product for direct customers
  • Shipped Pit Board analytics product for dealers
  • Shipped Pulse, an award winning FedEx day project providing data visualization of user interactions on Trade Me

Bauer Media


2013 October to 2014 October

I was lead developer with one junior on It’s a full Microsoft stack MVC site in C#.

  • Lead developer for
  • Continuously added product features from the business while reducing tech debt and improving infrastructure
  • Added phone proxy product to hide customer phone numbers from scammers
  • Added new and improved existing advertising
  • Full upgrade for mobile site to latest jquery mobile
  • Added support for https across the entire site
  • Added support for white labelling the site to support new partners and advertisers
  • Moved all static content to CDN
  • Implemented move to Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure
  • Automated the release process with Jenkins and moved build process to MSBuild
  • Started first automated tests for product with NUnit and Selenium
  • Got database schemas versioned in to source control
  • Played active role in implementing scrum, moving towards continuous delivery and reducing sprint length
  • Mentored junior developers and new team members


Career Break

2012 December to 2013 October
  • I flew to Egypt and rode my bicycle from Cairo to Cape Town as part of the 2013 Tour d’Afrique race.
  • I rested the bum and decompressed in South Africa, travelling along the the garden route and southern coast to Durban and the Drakensbergs. I sailed a delivery yacht from Durban back to Cape Town.
  • I returned to Europe for a month to see some music, old friends and new sights.
  • Finally I flew to North America and fulfilled a long time wish of driving my motorcycle from Toronto to the Arctic circle in the Northwest Territories and
  • 12, 000km of Canadian wilderness later I finished in Vancouver for a flight to Auckland and a life without winter!

Blackberry Ltd

Developer / System integrator

2009 March to 2012 December
  • Designed, developed and managed system to securely track thousands of hardware samples, providing full oversight of global hardware testing activities.
  • Integrated many external systems including Active Directory, Security badges, an automated sample transfer/mailing system and legacy Oracle databases.
  • Supported huge growth in RIM’s hardware portfolio and provided enormous benefit to the managers and staff including centralized process control, audit trails and real time reporting.
  • Designed APIs and tooling that allowed rapid integration of sample tracking and test data collection to test software.
  • Improved throughput on RIMs new product programs by designing a service oriented, multilayer, secure, automated mailing system for transporting sensitive devices around the RIM campus.
  • Provided additional support for test software, which included upgrading test systems’ connection stacks to support a completely new mobile OS and refactoring code to reduce future maintenance.
Additional Activities
  • Adhered to RIMs strict project execution methodology and documentation procedure.
  • 5s + 1 champion.
  • Member of the Health & Safety Committee(WSIB Certified).

Zenith Technology Ltd

Developer Intern

2007 April to 2008 September
  • Designed, developed and managed a custom ASP.NET learning management system to improve efficiency in administration of the training department for 100 worldwide employees.
  • Administered Windows Server including IIS and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Created work estimations and task prioritization for management and compiled weekly progress reports.Consistently showed ability to self – manage.
  • Fixed bugs in VB.NET soft phase code for a new Emerson Delta V automation system.
  • Demonstrated flexibility in working hours and commitment.
  • Tested DeltaV Hardware, Graphics, Interlocks, Equipment modules and phases.
  • Created high quality GAMP documentation to perform the above testing.
  • Participated in factory acceptance testing directly with clients.
  • Supported intensive project work over summer months.
  • Practiced safety procedures for industrial environments.

Education History

Cork Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Computerised Instrumentation

2004 October to 2008 October

Finished first in class in 1st and final year. Achieved H1.1 grade

Cork Institute of Technology

Certificate in Electronic Engineering

2001 October to 2004 October