Here are some of the organisations I've worked with
  • Blackberry
  • Trade Me Ltd
  • Cornerstone
  • Zenith Technologies
  • Cin7
  • Roam Digital

Side projects

The following is a list of some of the side projects that I've made. These were built in my spare time over the last 10 years. I created them all to either solve a personal problem or to exploring technologies.

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My latest project is Doodle:ai - Fun AI-generated image puzzles. Test you history knowledge. Uses Wikipedia, Azure NLP and Stable Diffusion.

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Universal Dev Shell setup scripts

Say Goodbye to manual dev environment configuration

Well tested, re-runnable shell configuration scripts
50+ of the best modern developer tools, pre-configured
Designed for a consistent shell on Mac and Windows WSL
Perpetual licence and updates
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Local Dev Tools

Protect your data with local dev utilities instead of random websites

12 Dev tools for encoding, decoding, converting, colors, ai generation
Keep your business data safe from random tools websites
Local utilities for Git repository management
Not a SaaS! - Perpetual licence and ownership
Universal app - Mac and Windows
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ESling Plugin for NestJs Projects

Prevent common bugs and issues in your NestJs projects

11+ eslint rules for NestJS
10k+ weekly downloads
Prevents bugs in NestJs
Improves security of NestJS Applications
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Filtered Reduced Job Search

Reduce recruiter response time to 0 and get notified when a job matches your preferences

Spend no time on low value jobs
Send valuable responses to every recruiter
Keep your job preferences private
Get notified when a job matches your preferences
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Avo breakfast mortgage calculator

A calculator for mortgages in the popular avo-breakfast units

Communicate with your parents and the media in terms they understand
Calculate mortgages like a 55 year old
Be more confident in your mortgage decisions
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One bag packing calculator

Calculate exactly how much to bring on a hike or bikepacking trip

Never bring too much or too little
Works for bike trips and hikes
You'll have to calculate your own loo roll ๐Ÿงป
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Delivery & Customer Workshop (Not Maintained)

Forging incredible relationships between product delivery teams and their customers

Show you care deeply about customer business and problems
Show that you're competent and understand their business
Grow empathy in your delivery team for customer problems
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Cruhahore (Not Maintained)

A chrome plugin to help you use less social media

Save 1.5 hours every day by ignoring social media crap
Prevent social media psychological hooks in your browser
Removes like counts
Removes the red dots in tabs
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Pulse (Not Maintained)

A data visualization tool to show sales and messages on motors section

Show team impact on customer business
Live visualisations of marketplace sales and interactions
Hackathon project winner! ๐Ÿ†

Most projects are on GitHub


Please go to linkedin to see my professional profile. You can see an old resume here. But I don't keep that up to date.