How to fix "Something went wrong installing the "sharp" module The specified procedure could not be found." in Gatsby

Photo by Sergi Kabrera on Unsplash

Here is what I had to do on windows to make this work

  1. Upgrade to the latest Node.js from

  2. Upgrade yarn - npm upgrade -g yarn

  3. Clear the yarn cache - yarn cache clean

    When you change the version of Node.js you might need to rebuild a bunch of packages to match the new version. First you have to clean out the cache. This also resolves the error associated with "Incorrect integrity when fetching from the cache" - (/2019/10/10/Incorrect-integrity-when-fetching-from-the-cache)

  4. Reinstall the packages associated with sharp

yarn add gatsby-plugin-sharp gatsby-plugin-manifest gatsby-transformer-sharp gatsby-transformer-sqip


Hope that helps you! Let me know of Twitter.