Create-react-app react-router and Heroku

April 30, 2017

I’ve been putting together a React app and I needed cheap, fast hosting so I went to put it on Heroku.

Configuring Heroku

The community have put together a build pack for create-react-app. You can basically deploy in 2 minutes.

Assuming you have the heroku command line tool already configured the following gist describes the commands to setup the build pack:

Configuring your application

This is magic but there is still some configuration needed on your application for routing. If you use react router you will get a 404 from nginx when you try to directly open a route.

The heroku build pack deploys your site on heroku as a static react application so you have to tell heroku that for ALL routes, it should just go to your root/index document so react-router can handle the application routing. The default root document in create-react-app aps is index.html

So to fix your site on Heroku hosting add a file called “static.json” to your root folder (next to packages.json) with the following configuration.

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