Deep Learning: Entering my first kaggle competition

Three weeks ago I discovered the course. They offer a practical deep learning course for coders where you get straight in to building neural networks. They provide a huge amount of [...]

Fuzzy friday S02E07

From lunch to acquisition, how Atlassian bought Trello . Success stories from developers who started at age 35,40,45 . Why Basecamp chose profit over venture capital. How do you measure [...]

Webstock 2017: A long summary

Web Stock is tech conference like no other, held in Wellington, New Zealand. Once again I left feeling energized and impassioned after listening to all the speakers on such a wide range of [...]

Fuzzy Friday S02E06

Seth Godin wants us to stop calling them soft-skills. A beautiful photo story of Faberge and his eggs. The surprising ways Facebook collects and uses your data, especially when you don’t [...]

Smart Bear Ready API: Custom headers per request

I recently had a problem where our test analysts use Ready API software from Smart bear but our API authentication does a custom hashing function on the content. For tests to work we had to hash [...]