Setting up a wordpress blog with SSL and custom domain for $6 per month

When I started this blog I wanted to host it on Azure but it would have cost roughly $100/month with my requirements of SSL and custom domain. There are some nice benefits of Azure but I realised [...]

5 learnings from hiring for an unfamiliar tech stack

I recently went through the process of hiring a new mobile developer for Android and iOS development. I’ve always been a .Net developer so I wasn’t very comfortable at the start. As I [...]

Fuzzy Friday – 13/01/2017

A short documentary on Japanese Marquetry. The rise of High profit micro-farming in Montreal. Instead of startups, The Distance is a refreshing look at companies that have been in business for at [...]

Swagger UI: Custom HMAC hash authentication headers

Last year I launched a new API for an integration project. It’s using Microsoft’s WebApi framework. I was looking for a fast way to document the API so I wouldn’t have to do [...]

Some tips for tech leads conducting behavioral interviews

I’ve interviewed and hired a bunch of people for our tech organisation but I still struggle with the non-technical behavioral interview. I’d be lost without help from my boss and [...]

Setting up a poor man’s continuous deployment using Azure and Github

Summary Right. I created an MVP personal site last month (yay agile!). It’s an MVP because it;s not fancy but all important information about me is available and it’s a bit more [...]

What I’m working on this year

1. I’m going to be more of a creator this year. For my whole life up to now I’ve been a 100% consumer. Whether that’s struggling through blog posts, writing software for myself [...]